Biblical Hebrew
Decoding Hebrew: Learn to read the Hebrew of the Hebrew Scriptures. Students will be introduced to the grammar, syntax and vocabulary necessary to read and translate the Hebrew Bible. The class will begin with a brief introduction/review of the Aleph-Bet. The class will also compare Biblical Hebrew with Liturgical and Modern Hebrew.

Instructor:       Rabbi Dr. Jana L. De Benedetti

When:              6:30-7:30 Wednesday evenings starting March 9

Location:         Zoom 
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                         B'nai Zion Congregation 
                         245 Southfield Road
                         Shreveport, LA 71105

Tuition:           $18 for Members of B'nai Zion / $36 for non-Members
                          Tuition covers the session that runs from March through April
                          Scholarships and payment plans available
                            Use THIS LINK to register and pay for classes
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Text:               $34 The First Hebrew Primer (EKS Publishing)
                        $9 Answer Book for the First Hebrew Primer
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From the First Hebrew Primer:
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Verb Paradigms and Practice
Chapter 13 Oral Review:
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No. 4    No. 5
Learn Aleph Bet from Day One  
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Midterm Review.  p. 358 Part III
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Priestly Benediction:
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ShowMe Video Practice
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Chapter 18
Chapter Four