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This page was last updated: March 26, 2021
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Count the Omer with Homer Simpson by Clicking Here
Silhouette Dancers
URJ about Passover
 including Interactive Seder Plate
FAVORITE: Google Exodus Aish 2011
Israeli Robot Seder
Dayenu, Coming Home
Passover Rhapsody Aish 2012
Japanese Matzah Cutting
G-dcast 4 Sons
4 Questions B'nai Zion 2012 
Crossing Sea of Reeds B'nai Zion 2012 
Dayenu Sung at BAFB Seder 2012
The Maccabeats - Les Misérables  2013
Sesame Street - Les Matzarables 

Matzah Magnets for Afikoman Prizes
(print on plain paper and attach to business card size magnets)
Rube Goldberg Technion Seder 2015
Dayenu in many styles: Maccabeats 2015
Uptown Passover (parody): Six13 2015
These are easier to watch if you click the YouTube link on the bottom of each video
2021 / 5781 
Stay at Home Haggadah.
Passover Seder 5776 /2016
 {The videos below were used as part of this Hagaddah. The Haggadah shows when to play each video.}


The Passover Seder: 
What to Expect 2017 from Bim Bam
Count the Omer with Hillel Smith's 
Animated Art by Clicking Here
Family Friendly Slide Show Haggadah

Power Point pdf
The Four Questions (Mah Nishtanah):
Hebrew Only
Hebrew, Transliteration, and Translation
Hebrew: Every Syllable in Alphabetical Order
Flashcards (Hebrew Only)
NEW ShowMe Video Sing Along with Rabbi Jana

Who Knows One (Echad Mi Yode'a)
Hebrew, English, and Transliteration
Hebrew and Translation AND Dayenu
Count the Omer
Sale of Chametz Online Form
Sale of Chametz Print Form
Passover Help
If you need help preparing for Passover, there are many sites online. You can contact your local synagogue or Rabbi Jana
These are a few helpful sites:  Aish      Bim Bam       Interfaith Families      JewBelong   My Jewish Learning    Reconstructing    Reform Judaism
01 Safer Seder (1:29)
02 Overview: Thriller (4:38)

03 Four Sons (Bim Bam) (4:07)
04 Google Exodus (2:17)

05 Nina Paley (3:50)
Burning Bush (Go Down Moses)
06 Free to be you and me (3:15)
07 Stiff necked people (2:48)​
08 Dayenu (Maccabeats) (4:14)​
Technion 2016 break dance (2:21)
Technion 2015  
Rube Goldberg (2:07)
NEW> PDF Haggadah for During Pandemic 2021
NEW> 2021 Slide Show Haggadah 
Can be used with Zoom
2021 Attend a Zoom Seder 
with Rabbi Jana
Details Here.