LEARN THE HEBREW ALEPH BET Resources to learn to read the Aleph Bet
LITURGICAL HEBREW: Learn or improve Hebrew reading by slowly concentrating on the prayers and blessings in our worship services.  
CLASS MEETS Wednesdays 5:30-6:30
TORAH STUDY: Those who don't know Hebrew and those with Hebrew experience can learn from studying the Hebrew Scriptures.  Lessons are in English, with occasional insights from the Hebrew.
   Saturdays 9:45-11:00 AM Ongoing (join us anytime)

INSTRUCTOR: Rabbi Dr. Jana De Benedetti has been teaching Hebrew and Jewish Studies for more than 45 years at synagogues, other public institutions, and as a private tutor.  She has taught Hebrew at the State University of New York at Albany (SUNYA)Spertus College of Judaica in Chicago, Illinois, LSUS and Centenary College in Shreveport.  While in Shreveport she was Educational Director at Agudath Achim Synagogue. and was the Hebrew instructor at the Christian Center Montessori School. She is the Rabbi and teaches Jewish music, Hebrew, and Torah studies at B’nai Zion Congregation,  She has published scholarly texts and articles, and helped to produce record albums and songbooks of Jewish music.  She has earned a B.A. in Judaic Studies, an M.A. in Philosophy, and a Doctor of Arts in Humanistic Studies with specialization in Linguistics from SUNYA. She was ordained a Rabbi at Rabbinic Seminary International. Rabbi Jana makes learning Hebrew and Judaism enjoyable and joyful.
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Courses are open to all interested students regardless of religious affiliation.
Online Hebrew Bible with Translation and Chanting (ORT)
Aish Torah Commentary
JTS Torah Commentary
URJ Torah Commentary
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See texts and listen to songs and texts
Israel Information:
Arutz 7 Israel National News in English
Arutz 7 Listen to News in Easy Hebrew
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Online Hebrew Learning:
 Rabbi Jana's Materials 
Akhlah: The Hebrew Aleph-Bet
Behrman House
Foundation Stone
ZigZag World Hebrew For Me
ADULT BEGINNING HEBREW COURSE Learn to read the Hebrew Aleph-Bet by examining the first day of Creation and the Decalogue from Exodus.  
  Learn with Online Materials at the 
       Learn the Hebrew Aleph Bet link above.
Watch Classes from Previous Years on YouTube

BEGINNING: Students learn Hebrew basics, fluency in reading, and prayers.
   Sundays and Wednesdays during School Year
B'NAI MITZVAH: Students learn Hebrew blessings, worship service, and language skills.
    Sundays and Wednesdays during School Year
Family Fun and Learning:
BimBam Torah and Jewish Learning Videos for All Ages
Jewish Food for Thought: The Animated Series
See texts and listen to songs and texts
See texts and listen to songs and texts
Hebrew Studies
Judaic Studies
BEING JEWISH: Discuss a wide variety of topics about being Jewish including beliefs, practices, laws and customs. This class is for anyone who wants to know more about Judaism: if you have wondered what Judaism is about, or thought about becoming Jewish, or if you have always been Jewish. 
      Watch Classes from Previous Years on YouTube
BIBLICAL HEBREW: Study Bible in the original Hebrew.  Learn Hebrew vocabulary, grammar, and reading skills to understand the Biblical texts.   
See texts and listen to songs and texts
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