Learn Aleph Bet with Ein Keloheinu
We are learning and reviewing the Aleph Bet.  

You can use this website for fun ways to practice the letters, vowels, and words we have learned so far.  I will keep trying to add material as we go.  Let me know what you think about the site.

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Print Hebrew on one side, 
then English on the other side:
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Learning the Aleph Bet:
To practice or review the Aleph Bet, go to this page for text and video lessons on each letter, flashcards for each letter, and audio practice for each letter from Rabbi Jana's Learn Hebrew from Day One Primer.
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When students from the Aleph class attend services, one of the honors they receive is to help lead the Ein Keloheinu song when we sing it at the end of the service. 

See below for the new four lesson curriculum for learning to read and understand the Ein Keloheinu song.
(Click here if you are looking for the old curriculum for Ein Keloheinu, which is slightly different.)
   Start each lesson by singing an Aleph Bet song and practicing the vowels with Vowel Aerobics.
Watch these videos:
These are the letters. You can print them.
This is the song in mp3 format.
Print these vowel flashcards on two sides: one side is Hebrew only, and the other has the sounds and the names.
Ein Keloheinu Resources

These show which letters you learn each lesson

This shows just the Hebrew
This shows transliteration and translation too

​  Click here to go to Lesson One:

​  Click here to go to Lesson Two:

Ein Keloheinu Aleph Bet Resources

These show which letters you learn each lesson

This describes the whole Hebrew Aleph Bet with Ein Keloheinu Letters highlighted
This is a complete Aleph Bet in outline to color the letters you know.

​  Click here to go to Lesson Three:


​  Click here to go to Lesson Four:

Learn Khaf
Practice Khaf
Learn and Practice
Learn Ayin
Practice Ayin
Learn Kaf
Practice Kaf
Learn Bet
Practice Bet
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Learn Final Khaf
Practice Final Khaf
Learn Final Nun
Practice Final Nun
Learn Dalet
Practice Dalet
Learn Nun
Practice Nun
Learn Lamed
Practice Lamed
Learn Heh
Practice Heh
Learn and Practice Tav
Learn and Practice Aleph
Learn Mem
Practice Mem
This shows just the Hebrew of the complete song